Afternoon all. I’m busy planning my 2nd practice afternoon tea which is on Saturday 14 July. Six more lovely friends are coming along to sample my food. I want to make a few changes but at the moment I have so many recipes going around in my head! New sandwich fillings such as:

  • roast beef, mustard and watercress
  • lemony cucumber & prawn
  • a local cheese called ‘Hazelwood’ with spicy apple chutney

Don’t get me started on cakes!!  I can’t make them all otherwise people will not fit out of my door! Some new ideas are:

  • sultana loaf
  • mini strawberry cheesecakes
  • orange eccles cakes
  • pistachio macaroons

Wow the list could go on forever. Anyway at least you all know what I am going to be up to over the next few days, busy,busy….