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2014-01-04 14.09.24Happy New Year to you all!

2014 has been great for me so far (I know we are only 7 days into the year!) as I catered for my first wedding on Saturday 4 January held at Hargate Hall, Buxton. Huge sense of relief when I knew the weather was going to be ok and didn’t need to worry about snow or ice!!

What a sense of achievement after making 640 sandwiches, 510 savouries, 17 cheese & tomato pizzas for the kids and 357 cakes which all had to be packed carefully so they travelled without getting squashed! Sandwiches and savouries were served on silver platters with pretty doilies, the heart-shaped scones with jam and cream were served on round silver platters with the remaining sweet treats served on various vintage cake stands. The guests also enjoyed a glass of either homemade lemonade or seasonal breeze.

So if you are thinking of getting married, why not contact me as I am happy to help you make the day your own!

Rachael xx